Industry headline news 

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has expanded
Effective 25th October 2021 ULEZ now stretches to the North and South 
circular roads around the capital.  Charges apply for non-compliant vehicles.  It is costly if any of your cars / vans are deemed unclean.  We can help you through this, contact us for assistance -

The future is coming fast

 Key reasons to choose an EV

  • Zero emissions

  • Zero road tax

  • Fuel savings

  • Easy charging

  •  Instant power and vehicle response

  • Electric charge from home should cost circa £4 for 100 miles of charge

Did you know?

In order to alleviate significant road deaths and serious injuries, Transport for London now control 20 mph speed limits in Central London. 

Number crunch

Many facts have changed since COVID-19 hit the world early 2020,  PCP,  PCH, OP, SALARY SACRIFICE to name but a few are now different.  It is critical that full analysis is applied before any vehicle acquisition takes place.  


Does the business still offer free fuel?

It's a known fact that average annual mileages significantly dropped during 2020. Very few employees will benefit from BIK fuel allowances in this years tax return. Now is a good time to look how much this employee perk is costing your business and whether its offering any benefit to the employee.

45%  of business vehicle users have said they experience stress when they receive a telephone call from their boss whilst driving.

Despite it being illegal, many thought the 'hard shoulder' was a safe place to take a call.